The Office of Church Treasury 

Financial security and proper bookkeeping is very important to any ministry. At The Gathering Oasis Church, our by-laws clearly give substantial latitude to the Chief Financial Officer, or Treasurer, to make important financial decisions that impact the church. The Treasurer oversees all of the finances and is responsible for all church bookkeeping. This department also makes sure all end-of-the-year statements are sent out on time.

The Office of Administration

Every church needs a gatekeeper and liaison. The Office of the Church Secretary or Administrator helps to keep the church functional and communicative. This Office makes sure phone calls, emails and voicemails are answered promptly. Messages are distributed to the appropriate Office for immediate responses. This Office also assists with scheduling for the Office of Pastoral Services.

The Office of Operations and Logistics

It is important for the church to be operational. When equipment stops working or there are questions about our facility and supplies, we reach out the Office of Operations and Logistics. They are responsible for the execution and management of all church supplies, equipment, and facilities.

The Office of Audio and Video

Everyone desires clear and crisp sound and visuals. The Office of Audio and Video is responsible for all audio and video needs. This includes, but it not limited to, mp3 and mp4 file transfers, sermon uploads, and sound quality for all services and church events.

Malcolm and Elva Witchard, Directors

Malcolm and Elva Witchard, Directors

The Office of Outreach and Bereavement

The Office of Outreach and Bereavement is tasked with reaching out to the unchurched community. The church is established for the equipping of the believers. This Office is responsible for reaching the lost and forgotten. All Outreach events and activities are planned and executed by this skilled team of Spirit-filled individuals. This Office also helps those who have lost a loved one, is celebrating the birth of a new child, or the like.


Winston Mayo, Director

Winston Mayo, Director

The Office of Prayer and Intercession

The Office of Prayer and Intercession serves for one purpose—prayer. This Office is focused on edifying our church in prayer and fasting. They stand on the frontlines in our spiritual warfare always making intercession for the entire church. This is a very delicate ministry that has a true heart for deliverance, intercession, and holiness.

The GO Kids Children's Church

Our children are important to us. This important Office serves our children during every service and church event. These skilled and Spirit-filled teachers are not baby-sitters. They are focused on ensuring that our children leave each service with an in-depth knowledge of the Gospel. They leave knowing that Christ is their lord and savior.

Michael and Amanda Pittman, Directors

Michael and Amanda Pittman, Directors

The Office of Hospitality 

Hospitality is paramount. Each guest and visitor is to be treated with respect and love. We are inviting people into our family, and we want to make sure they are comfortable. This Office serves the entire church family and invited guests. When speakers and dignitaries arrive to the church this Office serves them in excellence.

Nadra Cohens, Director

Nadra Cohens, Director

The Office of Ushers and Greeters

This wonderful team of servants work hand-in-hand with the Office of Hospitality. The Ushers and Greeters assist gatherers and visitors in following the appropriate guidelines during service. They are tasked with responding graciously and warmly to all the guests that enter the front doors of our church. They are responsible for a very warm and relaxing climate for the duration of the service. They also assist in altar call wherever they are needed. 

Man Cave Men's Ministry

This Office serves in the edification of the men at The Gathering Oasis Church. They are tasked with creating events to serve our men, which ranges from community service to special man talk sessions. 

"Fighting Together" Marriage Ministry


"GO Get Fit" Health and Fitness

Jasmine Morris, Aubrielle Wright, and Imani Spencer

Jasmine Morris, Aubrielle Wright, and Imani Spencer

Praise and Worship

Maintenance and Preparation

Communications and Connections

"Reserved" Singles Ministry

The GO Youth Ministry

Rudi Coleman, Co-Director

Rudi Coleman, Co-Director

"Pinky Promise" Women's Ministry